1 Asia Sports
is a company set-up to be a player in the sports industry. Even though relatively new in the market, the company aims to provide its customers with top quality service both in the area of sports consulting and also equipment distributorship. 1 Asia Sports aims to provide customers with solutions to their sporting needs.

Even though set-up as a company dealing in all sports, the main business for 1 Asia Sports would be in football. This is best reflected in the composition of the company shareholders who have had many years of experience in the world of football. Not to mention that one of the shareholder is a successful businessman in the Medical industry and the other a Football Captain, Head Coach and Manager of the Malaysian National Football Team. He retired as a Bank Officer in Kuala Lumpur. The final shareholder has been actively involved in the development of football at the Asian and World stage thus being able to understand the needs of the game in the region.

The C.E.O of the company also has had many years of experience in the marketing and retail shoe company of a well known brand and would be able to understand and deliver the expected service of the customers whilst the football input is left to the football experts to delve in.

With this colorful and rich blend of experiences, 1 Asia Sports is looking forward to making an impact in the world of sports but more importantly in football not only in South East Asia but also Asia. This is best reflected in its name which not only wants to call Asia its home but also its playground in the world of sports and football services.

It augers well for 1 Asia Sports that the network linked to the people behind the company will certainly play an important role in believing in the company that not only can deliver its mission but also to be seen as an honest player in the sports industry.